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motherhood. day one.

motherhood. day one.

All stitched up, fever is down, and my boobs look amazing.

m o t h e r h o o d

I've totally got this. 

I feel a little crappy - understandably so, as I just had a baby...right? again'll see why I was feeling like crap momentarily. 

They bring me sweet Lou, she latches like a champ, and I am now the milk maid. I am totally fine with this though. I mean the kid is almost 9 1/2 pounds. You would think she would be okay without my boobs for a bit, but she wasn't. She was stuck to me like glue until they said they needed to take her AGAIN to run some tests because of the infection from delivery.

Great, my birth plan has totally played out how I thought it would. Natural birth, immediate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping... yeah...not so much.

Her pediatrician comes in empty handed. They left with my baby and came back without her to tell me that they had to start an IV because of the risk of infection from the placenta.

"We didn't want you guys to be alarmed, but the best place for a newborns IV port is in their head."  You can imagine our reaction from that statement.

Sweet! Can I have her back now please? 

So, they hand us our little unicorn baby. Pitiful as can be, and slightly more magical. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary for day one. The real fun begins on day two of motherhood.


my magical baby unicorn.






lou's birth story.

lou's birth story.