my vbac story.

3 out of 4 members of the household are currently wearing diapers, but I finally got the birth experience I have been dreaming about-and I have never felt so accomplished before in my life.

not worth the wait.

yeah, sorry

40 weeks is just way too long to keep a secret from myself. I thought it would be so worth the finally hear the screams from my sweet baby and for the Dr. to say "CONGRATS!  it's a...

but, then Jon went back into the ultrasound room and coaxed the tech to tell him what the sex was.

balancing act.

Just like that, summers over.

The diaper only munchkin, and sans bra mama will have to hide for another 180ish school days. But, who's counting? 

With the school year starting again in just a few short days, I have found myself in that uncomfortable chaos that comes with this time of year. 

lou's birth story.

March 21. due date.

I had been looking forward to this day for 9 months, and it was finally here. I had everything all planned out. 

I'm going to walk in the Dr. and they are finally going to get this 60 lb baby I've been so patiently waiting for, out of me. Right? Wrong.

motherhood. day one.

All stitched up, fever is down, and my boobs look amazing.

m o t h e r h o o d

I've totally got this. 

I feel a little crappy - understandably so, as I just had a baby...right? again'll see why I was feeling like crap momentarily. 


The next 5 days were a total blur. I lied, the first 5 months were a total blur, but I know you other moms can relate to the latter.

What they don't tell you when you're getting an epidural is that they have to put a catheter in. I was NOT happy about this at all. If you're my friend, and you've had a baby; I hate you for leaving out this detail in your birth story. not cool.

What no one also told me...was that they have to massage your incredibly sore uterus (the one they just cut open) to get it to start contracting back to normal human size. Thanks again fellow mommies for leaving that out as well.

Little disclaimer, if your grossed out easily, I'd go ahead and stop reading now.

finally home.

We start adjusting to our new normal. This looks about as cinematic as a train wreck would. I don't think I wore a shirt for the first few days and my poor husband just held me close as I would cry for no reason at all.

My saint of a mother came to bring breakfast and love on Lou every morning. She stocked the house with protein snacks for a new breastfeeding mom and chicken wings for the sleep deprived new dad.

My war wound was finally healing. Or so I thought...